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5 Most Weird Curses of All Time

History is full of bullshit curses.But there are a few eerie coincidences out there that combine the truly inexplicable with creepy details that make you have to wonder…So

Lets Decode The 5 Most Weird Curses of All Time

  • The Tutankhamun Curse

After a few months of the opening of Tutankhamun’s tomb tragedy struck real hard. Lord Carnarvon (the financial backer of the search for Tutankhamun’s tomb), 57, suddenly fell ill and was taken to Cairo. He died a few days later. The definite cause of his death was not known, but it appeared to be from an infection started by an insect bite.When the mummy of  Tutankhamun was unwrapped in 1925, it was found to have a wound on the left cheek in the exact place as the insect bite on Carnarvon that eventually lead to his death.

Well,Seems like a coincidence….Right ?

By 1929 eleven people connected with the discovery of the Tomb had died early and of unnatural causes. This included two of Carnarvon’s relatives, Carter’s personal secretary, Richard Bethell, and Bethell’s father, Lord Westbury. Westbury killed himself by jumping from a building. He left a note that read,

I really cannot stand any more horrors and hardly see what good I am going to do here, so I am making my exit.

  • Winchester Mystery House

A Weird curse surrounds Sara Winchester, widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. When he died in 1881, she began construction on what is now known as the Winchester Mystery House.

Convinced by a psychic that the house was haunted by the spirits of people killed with her husband’s guns, Sara built stairways to nowhere, doors to concrete walls, and other absurdities so as to confuse the ghosts. The house is made up of 160 rooms, including 40 bedrooms. It’s theorized that Sara believed that if she kept building she could evade death, which came for her in 1922. The end result of her curse is a delightfully scary house you can visit in San Jose, California.

  • The “27” Club

Do you Recognize these faces ?

From left to right, they are Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.All five are famous for being iconic voices of their generation and culture.

Do you know what’s more common between them ?

They all died at the age of 27.And mind you,These are only the 5 most famous cases.

Hendrix famously asphyxiated on his own puke,Jones drowned in a pool,Morrison overdosed on heroine, Joplin  probably went the same way, and Cobain shot himself in the face.

To know more about The Famous “27” Club Do Read  41 members of the so-called 27 club.

  • The Superman Curse

Several of those associated with the Man Of Steel met with unfortunate fates.

The two men most often associated with The Superman Curse, George Reeves and Christopher Reeve, weirdly share similar last names. Reeves tried to escape the trappings of the role, and it ruined his acting career. Depressed, he committed suicide in 1959, though many theorize he was murdered.

After starring in four Superman movies, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in 1995 after falling from his horse. He died in 2004 from heart failure, and, though she was never a smoker, his wife, Dana Reeve, passed away from lung cancer the next year.

  • The Kennedy Curse

The Kennedy Curse refers to a series of unfortunate events that have happened to the Kennedy family.Some have referred to the continual misfortune of the Kennedy family as a curse. Several of the Kennedys died young, notably brothers Robert F. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy who were assassinated while in office, and John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a 1999 plane crash.


Other members of the family cited as evidence of the curse are John F Kennedy’s sister, Rosemarie, who was institutionalized due to an unnecessary lobotomy, Joseph Kennedy, killed during World War II, Edward Kennedy Jr, who had his leg amputated at age 12, and Michael Kennedy, who died in a skiing accident.



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