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Since times of yore, many mysteries came and passed by as they got completely solved by humans. But, still there are many that either defy rational explanation or just remain an unsolvable puzzle. And here’s a list of the




Located off the South-Eastern coast of the United States and in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda triangle has its corners at Miami(Florida), San Juan(Puerto Rico) and Bermuda(the north-Atlantic island). More than 1000 ships and air-planes have mysteriously disappeared from this triangle over the past few centuries and continue to do so. Surprisingly, the ships and planes simply disappear even when everything(no human errors or equipment failures or natural calamities) seems to be perfectly alright.

Also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle, this area has engulfed huge planes and ships including the Flight 19, PBM Martin Mariner, Tudor Star Tiger, Flight DC-3, Flight 441, C-54 Skymaster and Marine Sulphur Queen.

Times and now, man has given his own explanations to such odd incidents, from demons to monsters to extraterrestrial invaders. And many other paranormal theories talk of a suspension of laws of physics in this triangle.


This most famous portrait by Leonardo Da Vinci is in itself an unresolved mystery of all times. The two biggest mysteries are her identity and the way she smiles.

The most recent explanation about this identity states that it is the feminine version of Da Vinci himself. Digital analysis reveals that the facial characteristics of Da Vinci are in perfect alignment with those of the woman in the painting.

Then comes the way the lady smiles!! The appearance and disappearance of the lady’s smile really is an attribute to the viewer’s vision and this mystery is explained using the art technique sfumato- developed by Da Vinci. In this technique the painting is left a bit blurry, thereby leaving its interpretation on the viewer’s choice!!


Known as the MAGNETIC HILL, this place is located 30 km from the leh town in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. In this region you can experience for yourself vehicles moving up at a speed of 20 kmph with engines off!!

And the explanation given for the same is OPTICAL ILLUSION!! It’s a place where the layout of the surroundings create an optical illusion, therby making a slight downhill look like an uphill slope. Eventually, objects may seem to roll uphill and rivers to flow against the gravity!!


Crop Circles are basic circular patterns of flattened crops mysteriously created overnight. Since the last two decades these patterns have evolved into complex geometric shapes such as DNA helix and the nautilus shell.

Despite recent claims by hoaxers and others, the phenomena of crop circles and formations remains an enigma yet to be explained with any universal degree of acceptance.


According to many New Age believers, December 21, 2012 marks the completion of the Great Mayan Cycle, and the beginning of a New World Age.This is not a new phenomena; as landmark dates draw near, end-of-the-world theories creep out of the woodwork with astonishing popularity. People love this armageddon stuff.

The theory is based on the idea that when the ancient Mayans plotted our position in the Milky Way, they created a special astrological calendar. And on the Winter Solstice (in the Northern hemisphere) in 2012, the Earth would pass into a new astrological phase and something dramatic would happen – ie the world ends.



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