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And The song enters the Guinness World Records! Don’t be astonished..It’s our very own ‘’GANGNAM STYLE’’ which was recognized by the Limca Book Of Records for being the most ‘’LIKED’’ Video in YouTube History ever..The South Korean Pop video has hit the internet like a fire and is spreading and SPREADING creating a huge global sandstorm.

gangnam style

For those who still don’t get it.,GANGNAM STYLE is a single by South Korean Rapper PSY.The Song is the lead single of Psy’s sixth album PSY6(Six Rules)Part 1.Th K-Pop video has been viewed more than 500 million times on youtube…..From Katy Perry, T-Pain,Britney Spears,Maroon-5 to Chris Gayle,Novak Djokovic,Kevin Pietersen,Tom Cruise Everyone knows about the hilarious Dance,remained at the peak position for weeks on the Billboard Korea K-pop 100,Downloaded over 2.8 million times alone in South Korea,Snatched the first position on iTunes Music Video Charts leaving Behind Justin Bieber and Katy Perry(First Time For any South Korean Artist), Rose to 2nd Position On Billboard Pop Songs(First K-Pop Song to ever enter top 10),reached the top at the UK Singles charts(Another Record!), featured in many international outlets like CNN international and The wall street journal,nominated and won For Various music awarsds in different categories..It’s everything You can possibly imagine,this song has had it..Enough For a South Korean Fat Psycho who was nowhere to be be asked and now in the limelight..isn’t it?

gangnam style lol

Gangnam Style has been Subject of Spoofs and also aggrevated flash mobs.It’s the kolavari of South Korea(If you know what I Mean!).Everyone is seen copying The Gangnam Style and Dancing to it’s Catchy lyrics (Even though we can’t interpret them..Obviously they are in Korean..But still.!) and the beats.Recently we saw Chris gayle dancing Gangnam style and adding to it his own moves after winning the T20 World Cup becoming a worldwide sensation.The incredibly Funny video where PSY is Seen Hose-Dancing everywhere he goes whether it’s the boat,tennis court,Carousel,Night club or in fact A TOILET!(Amazing!)……By the way,Gangnam style in the korean dictionary refers to the LA-Di-DA Class and lifestyle of people of Gangnam distict of seoul.But the video is just the contradiction where every single thing about the track is far from being such a high class.This song mocks at those people Who are kind of wannabes..PSY makes fun of those who try hard to be something they are not.

The moves of the song are simple.Keep Moving your feet left,right,left…while bouncing in the air continuously and your hands looking like you are controlling a horse’s reins (The HORSE),swinging an invisible lasso over your head(the COWBOY) and shuffle between feet keeping hands on your hip(The SHUFFLE)..and That’s It..You’ve mastered the GANGNAM STYLE!

Well,no matter what the Japanese criticize the song for,they have to accept that the stupid-looking dance video is awesome.
The most infectious disease of now is the addiction to the GANGNAM style.The Rise of this track is unbelievably meteoric.Well,For All You Readers ,just keep practicing the horse dance moves and rehearsing ‘’Heeeyy Sexy Lady’’ until You rise to fame,publicity and life like PSY.



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