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Similarities between the popular game Temple Run and Poker

Nowadays, the game of poker is seen by many people as a sport, while others see it as a game of endurance. Poker has recently gained worldwide attention because of major tournaments shown on television and the introduction of online poker. Because of the advancement in technology today, it is now more accessible for people to play their favorite games on gadgets like mobile phones and tablets like the iPad. Among the most popular games released for both the iPad and Android platform, is Temple Run.

It may be quite interesting to note that poker and Temple Run have similarities between them, and playing Temple Run could probably help you out on improving your poker game. In Temple Run, there are gems that you can collect to gain points, and while the temptation is there to collect every gem, it is sometimes better to stay away from them and not put yourself at risk. The same can be said of poker. In reality, while we would like to be in every hand in the majority of cases, it is best to sit out and stay safe. In fact, if you were to go for every gem or play every hand, you will find that while initial success could be rewarding in the long run, you will never progress very far.

People say that practice makes perfect. At the tables, like on the game, the more you play the further you will progress. Of course, from time to time you will stumble in the early stages, but generally if you are learning from your errors you will progress more and more each time. There are many poker sites available today where one can practice and develop their skills. Among the leaders in online poker, Partypoker provides a great training ground for beginners of the game, and at the same time a home to several poker tournaments as well. The onset of online poker has coincided with a huge increase in the popularity of poker over recent years. Partypoker is one of the leading online poker sites which enjoy a huge player base and a proven track record in online gaming. They are considered to be one of the best online poker sites, and one can easily sign up and join their games online. Most people tend to find learning online easier and quicker, as the format allows several hands to be played in a short space of time, with the software taking the burden of calculations and other inconveniences.

There are occasions in the game when the pace increases to such a level that you have to rely your instinct to work out what you are going to do next. The same can be said for poker. Calculating the majority of your moves is exactly what you should be doing, but sometimes your gut instinct should come into play. Having the confidence to trust your instincts on occasion will set you apart from the other players and will allow you to become a better player. These are just some of the similarities between Poker and Temple Run. It is believed that many poker players play this game because it teaches patience and is generally a good way to pass the time.



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