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If you think that you are the only one whose dad utters words like , “Do you think I’m made of money?”, then you are likely to be wrong. The phrase has tops the list of the most frequently used sayings among dads, followed by “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Here is a list of the most popular phrases used by dads revealed. 

“Waste not want not” and “now, don’t go spending a lot on me” also find spots in the top best-loved phrases by the cash-conscious fathers. However, not all of the remarks are money related,  a few being mild admonishments and groan-inducing cliches. “He’s as thick as two short planks” is the third most used phrase , followed by “When I was your age” at number four. Here comes another one likely to resonate with the daughters “You’re not going out in that?”.

Researches reveal that more than half of the kids believe their father use an average of eight different “dad phrases” on a regular basis. Everyone has probably known their dad to come out with something sarcastic, funny or just plain crazy at some stage in their lives, and it’s quite funny to see them all listed in one place. It’s interesting to know that the top two are both money related- it’s easy to see what is more important to a lot of dads.

More than 55% kids feel that there are certain phrases they will always associate with their dads , while some 65% find the sayings amusing. A total of 43% admit to using the phrases they hear their dad say while they were growing up, revealing the kernel of truth in another most popular phrase “you’ll understand when you’re older”.

Amazingly, half of the masses believe they will, or already do, repeat the ‘dad phrases’ that they heard to their own kids!!



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