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4 Portraits which definitely mean to SLAUGHTER your childhood

Childhood is indeed,The best part of our lives…We can Sleep on the couch and wake up on bed the next day and believe that it was MAGIC,Delibrately watch our teeth convert into gifts By our Beloved tooth fairy,The rain dances,Sitting behind your crush everyday,Sleeping while watching our favourite cartoons ….Well,The story doesn’t end here,The things we saw in Our childhood were INDEED awesome..And always will be,No matter how hard TOM was hit,He deformed and regained shape…And admit it,Its still awesome to watch him ! But here’s the Ugly Truth,These cartoons or TV- Shows are awkward at times…So,I am going to portray certain moments of your childhood,I bet you didn’t notice…

Lets Decode The 4 Portraits which definitely mean to SLAUGHTER your childhood

5 Portraits which definitely mean to SLAUGHTER your childhood

  • The Unrevealed truth of Courage,The Cowardly Dog

muriel and eustace puppets

A still from the last Episode of SEASON 1

The Episode “The Great Fusilli” is the last episode of season 1 of courage the cowardly dog,and it ends with a scene where courage is basically controlling the dead bodies of Murial and Eustace as puppets in attempt to keep his life with them going.The more you think on the subject,the more psychological it becomes.This scene implies that after Season 1,all episodes of the series are nothing but thoughts that courage is having in his mind.It implies that Murial and Eustace truly have died but that Courage has gone insane and made himself believe that they’re still alive and is trying to make us believe that as well.
  • The Pokemon NAME strategy 

Lets,Play a simple game…I Present the Photos of POKEMON,and you give the name..Alright 3….2….1…Lets GO !
ekans pokemon
…Obviously EKANS, Now Read it Backwards…It gives SNAKE  !
Okay,2nd Question !
Indeed,The successor of EKANS,ARBOK ! Similarly,Reading Backwards,It gives KOBRA !
Hmmm…Last Question !
Guess this one !
muk pokemon
This One’s the Grimy MUK …Similarly Reading Backwards..
AHEM ! You got it !
  • GOKU’s first Kamehameha WAVE 

I Guess,There is hardly anyone on this planet who has not seen Dragon Ball Z and the scintillating GOKU…It was indeed One my Favourite Childhood Programs and STILL IS ! No matter How old you are,You will always get Goosebumps watching Goku Kamehameha ! ok Let me sound like him…
Yeah,that felt good !!
Ok,But do you remember the First time GOKU did his kame hame WAVE ?
Indeed,It was AWESOME ! 
But Did you notice something different in the still ?
Wait let me get it for you….
Goku's first Kamehameha wave

Goku’s first Kamehameha wave STILL

The picture has a fault,Look closely ! His right hand has his thumb backwards,It means he is having Two right hands…HOW WEIRD IS THAT ?


 Well,Who doesn’t know Hakuna-Matata,Timon and Pumba ,The Wise Monkey and Simba ! Who was Tricked By his Evil Uncle Mufasa into thinking that he killed his father,and he flees his hometown Guilt ridden and returns to avenge him.
Lion king
Well,Sadly your favourite movie was COPIED From The Famous Animated Series of the 60’s Kimba,The White Lion
kimba the white lion



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