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5 Awesome Video Game Levels You Should Definitely Play

If you’re looking for some good games to play this weekend…We’ve got you covered.I have played these games and found some of these levels in particular to be the most awesome part of my gaming life.So,

Lets Decode The 5 Awesome Video Game Levels You Should Definitely Play

  •  “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,” the Train


The Awesome Train ride in Naughty Dog’s Masterpiece,Most critics quote this level as

More Exciting and Fun than most Hollywood BlockBusters.

  • “Grand Theft Auto IV,” Three Leaf Clover


The Awesome Bank Robbery and probably the best mission in Rockstar’s Greatest Game.More often Compared to the Brutal and Hyper-Violent Bank robbery Michael Mann’s Heat,and it will make your heart beat just as fast.

  • “Resident Evil 4,” the Village


The Awesome Frightening walk,through a village which has many surprises for you.

  • “God of War 3,” Cronos


The Awesome Boss which will definitely keep you on your toes.You have to rip out of the finger nail of this Huge Greek Titan,Jump down his esophagus and cut your way out of his stomach…And Then Murder Him.

  •  “Assassins Creed:Brotherhood,”Colosseum Mission


The Awesome Rescue Mission of Ubisoft’s Classic Action-Adventure Game.The Scenic View of Colosseum,The Breathtaking assassination of the guards and the Magnificent use of Assassin Recruits.This One’s definitely my favourite.



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