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5 Surprisingly AWESOME health benefits of playing video games

Ever heard someone saying that Gamers don’t have a life..Or They are just so awfully unhealthy to be with..

Well,I certainly found some extremely interesting stuff useful for Gamers like me Out there,to throw the right kind of stuff on the fluffy faces of these Hypothetical Healthy idiots….So,

Lets Decode The 5 Surprisingly AWESOME health benefits of playing video games


People tend to start a lot of Fitness work,like jogging with their Ipods plugged in or Yoga…But after a certain amount of time,They just get bored out of it and finally leave it.Ofcourse,They don’t continue because they don’t ENJOY it..What I suggest to them is try Some Exercise Based Games .Let Me illustrate some interesting Facts relating to such video games…

  • Exercise Based Games Help Parkinson’s Disease sufferers.
  • In a study,after 12 weeks of playing.Over 55% people had improved balance,gait speed and longer strides.
  • A new study suggests active video games may help children, especially girls, raise physical activity levels.

Gaming tends to lower levels of stress-inducing hormone cortisol by up to 17%.Puzzle games play an important role in Stress Relief.Some popular Games like Sudoku or Bejeweled have been known to show reduction in stress activity by a wobbling 54%. ?

Playing video games not only helps you survive through the most stressed situations but also improves your eyesight.Eye chart tests reveal that playing Action games can lead to a 20% increase in accuracy.


A study was conducted on burned patients who were allowed to play their favourite games..And Guess what,The Patient’s Pain ratings for burn wounds decreased by upto 50%  !

Virtual Reality Video Games

Another Study showed that the Patients who played violent games increased pain tolerance to 65%.


Players have been noted to be up at 50% better at managing events and spotting detail.Doctors say that Infants who play games also develop a thicker cortex.

Yeah..Thats Right !

The Federation Of American Scientists revealed that students remember upto 90% of info when taught using simulations compared with 10% via reading.


The ability to shoot a zombie certainly quickly translates to the real world.Reaction times of gamers are shown to be nearly as high as fighter jet pilots.Moreover,A study of hospital surgeons showed that those who played video games were 27% faster and 37% less prone to errors than those who didn’t.

Kill ’em all !

As a Matter of fact,Gamers can concentrate on 6 things at once against non gamers 4.They also perform upto 20% more effectively in perception and cognitive tests.



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  1. maruf ahammed

    May 23, 2019 at 7:52 am

    Beta zyaada games na khailo aankhen kharab ho jaen

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