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5 Most Obvious Movie Plot holes You definitely Did Not Notice

Sometimes in order for a film to really shock us with its ending,it baffles with the facts..Most of them get away with it as Hollywood has been using these logical blind spots to trick us and generally making their jobs a whole lot easier.I am not sure which is worse,The fact that Hollywood Directors think that we’re stupid,or the fact these these tricks actually Work.So,

Lets Decode The 5 Most Obvious Movie Plot holes You definitely Did Not Notice

  • The Karate Kid

If the main rule is “No kicks to the face,” how does Daniel win with a the face?

  • Gremlins


If You Remember,They Say Don’t feed the gremlins after Midnight.

Well…Scientifically It’s always after midnight somewhere.Don’t You Think ?

  • Harry Potter


I guess,it speaks for Itself.

  • Toy Story


Buzz Light Year Spends the movie believing he’s not a toy…But he still freezes whenever in human vicinity,How would you explain that ?

  • Back to the Future

This Film’s definitely one of my favourites as a child,But Lately I realized why doesn’t Marty’s MoM recognize her son as the guy..Who..You know she tried to sleep with years before ? I feel like it would be pretty difficult to forget someone who came into your life for a week and completely changed it.



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