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5 Most Awesome Commercials which were banned

Commercials suck.Well,Most of them do anyway.None of the good ones actually make it to the screens because they’re considered tastless or inappropriate.My sincere salute to those who lack a sense of humour and get offended by awesome ads.Because I am such an enthusiast when it comes to free speech in advertising.I’ve Gathered some of my personal favourites which you haven’t seen on television because of the T.V fat cats and screaming parents who are stuck in mud and can’t differentiate between obscene materials and comedy.So,

Lets Decode The 5 Most Awesome Commercials which were banned

  • Well,Not good for the Guy.


  • A good reason to use these.


  • Internet Sucks…..Sometimes


  • Whirling like a spinning top…Don’t you think ?


  • A rather absurd way of advertising a Mortgage Company.




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