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5 Moments you literally cried watching Game Of Thrones till now

Well, Game of thrones has come a long road since its inception, No more glorified starks anymore, Daenerys is finally getting much better screen space, John snow still knows nothing. Amidst, all these awesome flicks, There are some moments which will never leave us scattered, no matter when we see them. So,

Lets Decode the 5 Moments you literally cried watching Game Of Thrones till now

  • Stannis burning his beloved child, just to make the gods happy

  • When Shae betrayed our favourite little lannister

  • When the martyls lost another member, This time our favourite one.

  • Jorah Mormount infected, Alas he’ll die friendzoned.

  • Literally Red, well may the producers punish the boltons




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