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5 Bizarre Facts About Time You Probably Don’t Know

Time has always been a subject of interest for all the Elite Humans around the globe.The Fact about us living in the present and not knowing about the Future has always excited us.For Some weird reason,We Just want to know about our future.Well,Life is meant to be a surprise.Tell this to our Scientists who have been researching on this subject for centuries.Surprisingly,Many things have been discovered about time you probably would not have guessed.The Things I am about to tell you are not inspired from a Time Travel Fictional Movie,Nor does it rely on some stale sources (You Don’t want to know).As a matter of Fact,These are a visual specifications of Mathematical Equations Rigorously Proved and Published.So,

Lets Decode The 5 Bizarre Facts About Time You Probably Don’t Know

  • Days Get 1.4 Milli-Seconds Longer Every Century

This Happens because of the Tidal Forces between Earth and Moon.The Mutual Gravitational Hustling results in the transfer of our planet’s rotational momentum to the moon,Pushing it away from us at about 1.6 inches(4 centimeters) per year.This Definitly means that at the Time of Dinosaurs,Earth Completed one rotation in about 23 Hours.

  • All Animals Have the Same Lifespan,roughly 1.5 Billion Heartbeats.

A Biologist conducted a study on various animals.Larger Animals live longer than smaller ones.The common denominator that researchers found almost in every case,The Average Heart in every species beats 1.5 billion times and then Stops.So,Little Squirrels with their super Fast Heartbeat and short life and Giant Whales whose heart beat 1x every 3 seconds tend to live more than 100 Years.

  • Gravity Slows Down Time

Albert Einstein Predicted this effect in his theory of relativity in 1906.Better Known as Gravitational Time Dilation,is the effect of time passing at different rates in the regions of different Gravitational potential.Let me put it this way,Lesser Gravity Implies slower time passing.

…Subsequently hot air balloon passengers age a few nano seconds more per flight.

  • We Experience a time Lag Everytime

Einstein suggested that Time and Space are a simultaneous phenomena and together form a fabric of the universe known as space-time.As a matter of Fact,You cannot look into space without looking back into time.The Time Lag between things happening and we experiencing them is around 80 milliseconds.We see the Moon as it was 1.2 seconds ago and the sun as it was 8 minutes ago.Which means even if Sun Destroys Now,You won’t experience it happening for the next 8 minutes.

….It Won’t be wrong if I say,We All Live In The Past.

  • We can Travel To the Future

Stephen Hawking,One of the leading minds of our world suggests that a SuperMassive Black hole is practically a time machine.In his book A Brief History Of Time,He says that Time Flows like a river,Which flows at different speeds at different places and that is the key to time travel (This is what Gravitational Time Dilation Also Says).But travelling through This Black Hole is pretty dangerous and it does not plant you very far from the present.




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