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3 MOST AWESOME superpowers you didn’t know your body was Hiding From YOU

I am afraid to say,But those motivational speakers are RIGHT ! You are capable of some amazing things you didn’t even Know about.Because 99.9999999 %  of the time your body hides it from you.Surely,there are reasons behind this…But We’re sure you’re not buying it !

So, Lets Decode The 3 MOST AWESOME superpowers you didn’t know your body was Hiding From YOU

  • ECHOLOCATION aka “SEEING” through your ears !

Well,Who doesn’t seem to know DAREDEVIL here ? He overcomes his blindness with his awesome sonar-like sense of hearing that is so sharp,that it basically replaces his vision.

Yeah..Childhood=AWESOME !

This is a REAL thingy ! In the Non-DareDevil world we call it ECHOLOCATION,and guys like Daniel Kish actually have it.He is completely blind and has been his whole life.Despite this,One of his favourite pastimes is MOUNTAIN BIKING. 

And I know It must be easy for you thinking that this guy would hilariously crash through your window clutching a Braille map…He is pretty good at it.He does it all by painting a picture in his mind by hearing sounds and he does this so fast that he can dodge trees,boulders and BEARS as well while speeding down the mountain.

Then,Why Does Our BRAIN LIMITS US from doing this ?

For the same reason people who use calculators Suck at mathematics,Most people choose the easy way around.In this case,Relying on your vision to tell you where things are,and Hence…losing the ability to do it much harder and far more AWESOME way !

But any one of us can pick up echolocation without losing our eyesight…Tests have shown that blindfolded people can learn to judge the distances to objects based on the echoes of their own footsteps.You see, Our brain is sharp enough to remember the distance of an object based on the time it takes for the sound to reach our ears.


You may have heard legends about ” the lady who was able to lift a whole car in an emergency “,BUT believe it or not,Its not a legend…They’re talking about Angela Cavallo,Whose son was working on the suspension of 1964 Impala,and then the car slipped off the jack and trapped him in the wheel wall.


Artist’s Rendering


Angela Ran to save her trapped son to find him Unconscious under the car.Rather than saying something agressive like “I told you not to be a mechanic”,Like a typical woman would say in such situations,She yelled for a neighbour to get help…and when the help wasn’t coming she proceeded to lift the god-damn car with her bare hands…

…Okay Don’t exaggerate this,She didn’t lift the thing over her head like She-Hulk,Rather just a few inches to get it off her son for the serveral minutes he needed to get his butt to safety ! Considering the weight was around 3,500 Pounds,OFCOURSE of the car…For an old lady of around 150 pounds,Thats indeed a big deal

Its important not to act Bear Grylls !

And then you’ve got guys like Sinjin Eberle,Who was Rock climbing in New Mexico…Suddenly a 600 Pound boulder came loose and samshed into him(Crashing his hands) and started pushing him,towards a 150-foot drop death ! And then the “EVER READY” Friend Adrenaline Came by and the man tossed the boulder crashing his hands and all.

Then,Why Does Our BODY LIMITS US from doing this ?

So,The evidence suggests that our actual muscle fibers Physically have the ability to let us punch through a wall like the IRON MAN,Only if they really REALLY want to,But our brain arbitrarily limits us.Your Next question.WHY ? Well,The body muscles are made of tendons and other tissues that hold you together,these things are not meant for such kind of abuse.Okay,I’ll explain you this way…Have you ever thought Why Steroid users are more prone to Injuries ? Yeah,Same logic… The support structures can’t keep up with the juices produced !

We,Humans are instinctive creatures..We want to live,So… When we are trapped in a “LIFT THE BOULDER OR DIE” situation,The body gets significant energy by stopping other functions like digestion and immune response.Indeed,Its sort of thing which lasts for a few minutes at a time !


Most of us are fans of the Keanu Reeves’ epic scene at the end of The Matrix,Where he stops the bullets fired from the guns of the agents and slowly picks one and Suddenly Every single piece falls !

Fire Fighter Ryan Jordan Tells a unique Story…The moment when a forest fire suddenly came racing their way and they had to think fast to avoid getting Fried,The crucial moment felt like someone had paused the game.

Then,Why Does Our BRAIN LIMITS US from doing this ?

How fast time moves for you is literally all in your head.But I guess you have already experienced that,You’ve been in the waiting room at the dentist,Or in chair while they put an Awesome Big Dragon Tattoo on you fore-head,Seconds become hours.

Something similar happens at an extreme situation of Mayhem…But for different reasons.Experts say that Brain has 2 modes of experiencing the world-Experiential and Rational.The 2nd one is probably that you’re in now…Calm and able to think things through.But If a bomb goes off in the very next room you are sitting..Thats when your brain Triggers to Experiential World…

…Your Brain kind of goes into an overdrive..You think faster,You analyze everything uniquely and differently.The same feeling Liam Neeson’s Daughter felt at the starting of the Movie TAKEN,when he said “YOU ARE GOING TO BE TAKEN” . Its not that Neo had the power to slow down time and dodge bullets,He was fast enough…So He didn’t have to !

So Why can’t you just turn it on like NEO ? Well,The answer is quite simple…Why would you want to ? You have to accelerate your mind with an exponential rate,and have to be in a panicky situation !

If you like LIFE to be that way….




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