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3 most AWESOME celebrity deaths we enjoyed way too MUCH

The only thing everyone in this world loves more than an Underdog Success Story is seeing a powerful,uncurbed villain get his commupance ! Well, Its not Everytime a villain dies and you feel happy about it.There are times when the Stars of the movie(Not particularly a villain,A Sidecast….. Maybe) can’t help but drag their big and stupid personalities into every role,and When the killer instinctively breeds it out of them,The HUMANITY cheers !

So,Lets Decode The 3 most AWESOME celebrity deaths we enjoyed way too MUCH

3 most AWESOME celebrity deaths we enjoyed way too MUCH

  • Paris Hilton in HOUSE OF WAX

paris hilton stupid

Hey Paris,not the floor…PLEASE !

When Humanity turned against Paris Hilton,It wasn’t prepared for her to live so long.In the recent Years,She hasn’t done anything to redeem herself from the hatred but Its almost too much tiring to offer her any more attention.Still,The Passionviews Team decided to attend her ! Queit hatred is still a Fatal form of HATRED.Each time she climbed out of her car without any Underpants,Or answered her phone during a Lame Sex,Or even Wept like a child in the back of a cop car,Everyone cried “REHAB !“But on the inside world was whispering a prayer that someone throw a Big stake through her face..and Guess who answered it…All Hail MAKERS of “HOUSE OF WAX“.

  •  Tom Cruise in VALKYRIE

In 2008,Audiences Never Anticipated That they would see an American Made Movie,Set in the 1940′s with a German Hero.They also never Anticipated that they would cheer when that hero was shot in front of a Nazi’s Firing Squad towards the end of the film.Moreover,Valkyrie Created a Moral Conflict for the German Movie-Maniacs in particular because They were FORCED to choose which they hated more;NAZIS or TOM CRUISE….
tom cruise adolf hitler


Not Many of You Might be knowing that Germany as a whole was unwilling to let Valkyrie Shoot at the Bender Block where the Actual Colonel Staufenberg was killed,Specifically because Of  Tom Cruise’s Involvement in the movie.As Infuriated as They were to see Tom Cruise Portraying one of the Favourite German Heroes,They must have felt some Gratification in knowing that history demanded he be executed by the end of the film….
  •  Jennifer Lopez in JERSEY GIRL

When Jennifer Lopez Dies during a Child Birth in the First 15 minutes of the movie,I think Audiences are supposed to feel something like sadness,But After So many Years of Hearing Demands and Tantrums and Even General Entitlement,Its hard not to relax in the first few seconds after her Passing away…..
In a Bold Stretch of Artistic License,Jennifer Lopez Decided to make her last second of consciousness look like maybe she’s about to SNEEZE ! The only thing I think could have made this scene Even More enjoyable is if the baby’s umbilical cord unexpectedly wrapped itself around her lame Husband”s neck in the Movie,ALSO known as BENAFFLECK….


…..And choked him to DEATH.



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