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Dreaming is one of the most mysterious and interesting Experience of our lives.The scientific study of dreams is called Oneirology.In most of the history,It really didn’t exist…Simply because you can’t hold a dream,you can’t taste it,neither see other people’s dream….During the Roman era,Dreams were even submitted to the roman senate because they were thought to be messages from gods.

…Moreover Many Researchers and Artists have received their Ideas through dreams,The Interesting point here is that What they dreamt of ..Was it the Future of themselves they saw in their dreams,Or was it their subconscious playing with the algorithms they studied before sleeping and finding their solution ?

Well,Thanks to Edison’s Dream…We still don’t rely on Moonlight.

So, Lets Decode The  15 MOST AWESOME FACTS about DREAMS you probably DON’T KNOW

  • You Forget 95% of your dreams within 10 minutes of having them

Okay…You probably dreamt about very interesting things Yesterday Night….But Do You Remember it ?


…The Answer to that question is probably No,Unless you stood up in the middle of your dream and wrote it down.The reason we forget our dreams is Simple,Our Sub-conscious mind plays the main role of playing the Dream-Tape and the Part of the brain which remembers the activities we do during the day time is Switched off during the Sleep.

…As a Matter of fact,No one still knows Why we evolved to forget our dreams.

  • In Our Dreams,We only See faces that our Sub-conscious Knows 

    In Our DREAMS,We only SEE faces that our Sub-conscious KNOWS

I used the term “Sub Conscious” because,Whatever you see isn’t stored directly into the Hard-Drive of your brain which you can Recall…Sub-Conscious Mind can be portrayed as a Hidden Hard Drive of your brain which can only be accessed during Dream time.Some people you saw on your way to the office,or the Vegetable Vendor,you probably don’t remember their faces…But Believe me,You sub-conscious does.

  • Not Everybody dreams in colour

    Not EVERYBODY dreams in colour

A full of 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in Black and White.The remaining Dream in Full HD.Studies from 1915 through the 1950s maintained that majority dreams in Black and White,But these results began to change drastically in the 1960’s.Today only 4.4 % people under 25 dream in Black and White.Recent Research has suggested that this may be due to switch from Black and White to Coloured TVs.


The most prevalent emotions experienced during a dream.


…..are NEGATIVE.

Abandonment,Anger and most common of all “Anxiety“.The theory goes like this.Back when we were Early humans especially,We had no idea what kind of threats we might encounter during the day.So …To prepare us ,Brain would Simulate Anxieties while we slept,To make us better prepared for that feeling in the real world.So,People with terrifying dreams were better at dealing with Anxiety in the real world and Even had Stronger genes.

  • You Can Have 5-7 Dreams Per Night

    You Can Have 5-7 Dreams Per Night

The Reason we find our dreams so Interesting is that,They are never like a story.You just land up at a place without knowing how you went there.On an average we dream 1-2 hours Every Night.

  • Paralysis Of the Body

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is a normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid Eye Movements of the eyes.During REM sleep,Some pretty bizarre stuff happens.

Paralysis Of the Body

If you look at the electrical activity of a brain that is in REM sleep,It almost exactly mimics the way the brain acts when its Awake.Which is why it is known as “Paradoxical Sleep”.The biggest difference being,That the production of chemicals inside the brain Like Norepinephrine,Serotonin and Histamine is almost completely blocked and That causes the muscles to stop moving.Thats why you can dream of flying or Fighting ninjas But your body Doesn’t Move !

  • If your’re Snoring,then you cannot be Dreaming 

In 1952,Researchers at University of Chicago Found this.


Its a Unique type of Electrical Activity that occurs During a certain stage of Person’s sleeping.Researchers every time  evoked people from this stage,and they have almost every time reported that they have been Dreaming.

If your're SNORING,then you cannot be DREAMING

…Such Electrical Activity is not noted when a Person is Snoring.

  • You can Experience an O R G A S M in your dream

    You can Experience an O R G A S M in your dream

You can not only have sex as awesome as in your real life while dreaming,But also experience an O R G A S M as strong as a real one.Usually without any wet results.Our brain has several directories where such emotions are stored,So you can cry in a dream,Shout in a dream and even Feel hungry in a dream…..

  • Dreams are Symbolic

    Dreams are SYMBOLIC

If you dream about a particular subject,Its not often that the dream is about that.Dreams speak in a very deep symbolic language.

  • Everybody DREAMS

    Everybody DREAMS

Every Human Being Dreams(Except in cases of extreme psychological disorder).

  • Animals dream too

    Animals dream too

Studies have been done on different animals,and they all show the same brain waves during dreaming sleep as humans.

  • DREAM incorporation

The Theory says that the Electrical Impulses that are detected inside the brain are detected by our conscious Brain and our Cortex Freaks out and doesn’t know what it means,So it tries its best to create a cohesive story….

DREAM incorporation

…..Creating a Dream.



Results of several surveys across large population sets suggest that between 18 to 38 % of people have experienced at least one Precognitive dream and 70% have experienced Deja Vu.

  • Men and Women Dream Differently

Believe it or not,Men tend to believe more about other men.Around 70% of the characters in a man’s dream are males,while in a woman’s dream there are almost equal number of men and women.

Men and Women Dream Differently

….Aside from that men dream more about aggressive emotions than the female lot.

  • Blind People also dream

    Blind People also dream

People who become blind after birth can see images in their dreams.People who are born blind do not see any images but their dreams are equally vivid involving their other senses of smell,sound,touch and emotion.



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