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12 MOST Funny ways to PHOTOSHOP The Sun Between Fingers scenario

First of all Happy New Year to all my AWESOME viewers…This is gonna be my first presentation of 2013,So I thought Why not make you all Laugh Your butts off !

Photography is Unfortunately not Successful all the Time…Things Usually don’t turn out to be the way you like.But Sometimes These awkwardly sad times are Posted online,And people make Fun of it…

Well,Thats Heart-Breaking….But sometimes,This making Fun of others is EXTREMELY funny (No Offense),For Instance,This Guy in the Pic below Posted his Cynically Failed Photograph of ” Trying To Place The Sun Between Your Fingers ”  Type Photograph.

He Didn’t Know Then what was Coming !

And The Pic was the latest Trend to Actually Photoshop the Sun Between his fingers…I Managed to Collect These Awesome Pictures,And Selected Best Of The Best Trolled Pictures..So,

Lets Decode The 12 MOST Funny ways to PHOTOSHOP The Sun Between Fingers scenario

















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